Conferencia CASTWATER

CASTWATER Mediterranean Conference 2019

Sustainable Tourism Water Management

Perspectives for Tourism Development in the Mediterranean Water Scarcity Areas


24 September 2019, Murcia (Spain)

    The InterregMed CASTWATER project, is the first Med project to support sustainable tourism policies and practices on water efficiency in coastal areas. Extensive work packages have been developed during these 36 months to study and test best practices to improve water efficiency in the tourism industry in Mediterranean coastal areas.

The partnership is formed by 12 partners mainly from the public sector of 7 Mediterranean countries (Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia and Spain) that must face the challenge of supplying water in adequate quantity and quality for a growing tourist demand in the Mediterranean.

The 2019 “Sustainable Tourism water management” Conference is the final meeting of the CASTWATER project that is open to the entire Mediterranean community and will be the opportunity to know the results of the project and to promote possibilities of capitalization of the extensive package of knowledge and practical solutions for Water efficiency tourism management.



09h30 Registration

10h00 Welcoming words

Municipality of Rethymno (Greece). Murcia Regional Ministries of Tourism, Water and Agriculture. The EuroMediterranean Water Institute Foundation.

10h30 Keynote Speech: Water Demand Supply for Tourism in the Mediterranean Areas

Prof. María Hernández & Carlos J. Baños Castiñeira (University of Alicante, Spain)

Stakeholders Questions & Reactions (All Partners)

11h30 Coffee break

12h00 Panel 1 Topic: Water footprint and other indicators for tourism in CASTWATER partnership

Mr Manuel Sapiano (EWA/ Malta). Mr Philippos Drousiotis (Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative WBL), Ms Adriana Miotto (Veneto-Italy)  Ms Mara Manente (Veneto- Italy), Emanuele Cimatti & Andrea Rapino (Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Stakeholders Questions & Reactions (Ramón García Marín, UM- Spain, Jaume Mata-Valencia Tourism, Stakeholder EWA-Malta)

13h30 LUNCH

15h00 Panel 2 Topic: Water planning and strategies for sustainable tourism activities

Jaime Fraile (CH Segura/Spain). Mr Dylan Schembr EWA/ Malta. Representative of Global Omnium (Spain). Jurica Marinovi (IPTPO- Croatia) Milena Radošević (Tourism Department Croatia, IPTPO),Tamsin Caruana (Majjistral Nature Park-Malta MRDDf)

Stakeholders Questions & Reactions (V. Mirioke-Greece, Caroline Muller/Gerard Wolff-France, Tonio Cini or Geoffrey Saliba TBC- Malta)

16h30 Panel 3 Topic: Water security for tourism industry consumption in the Mediterranean areas

Prof.  Ioannis K. Kalavrouziotis (The Hellenic Open University, Greece). Prof. Filippo Magni (The Venice University of Architecture, Italy) Francisco Contreras Alvarado (Parador del Saler, Spain), Bojana Hajduk Černeha (IPTPO-Croatia),Mr Andrés Molina (University of Alicante)

StakeholdersQuestions & Reactions (Antonis Kallinikos-Cyprus, Georgios Telonis- Association of Tourism and travel Offices of Western Greece, Giovanni Simonato/ Francesca Macatrozzo- Veneto Innovazione)


Regional/National Authorities


Venue: Siete Coronas Hotel **** (Paseo de Garay, 5, 30003 Murcia)



Information and registration: Rosario Saura/ Ana Stelea

Coordinator: Antonio Martínez Nieto (Fundación IEA)





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